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The Role of Sedation
in Periodontal Procedures


Oral sedation has truly revolutionized the world of dentistry, markedly expanding comfort and minimizing stress during dental procedures. At Glenn Smile Center, our expertise in this innovative practice ensures optimal dental care without compromising on patient comfort and safety. Modern dentistry acknowledges the importance of patient comfort and has, therefore, developed an array of dental anesthesia and sedation options. We offer a broad spectrum of these sedation options, each tailored to make your dental experience safer with less pain. Let us guide you through these options to better understand what to expect during your visit.

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Types Of Sedation

Visiting your dentist doesn't have to be an excruciating experience! You might be interested to know that various types of dental anesthesia ensure a pain-free experience. Let's clarify the types of dental anesthesia available - topical, local, block (also referred to as regional), and general anesthesia.

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Topical Anesthetic

First, we have topical anesthesia. This substance can be a gel, liquid, or even an ointment applied directly to your mouth tissues. It acts as a numbing coat to prepare the area for dental treatment. Mostly, it's used right before administering a local anesthetic to reduce any potential needle discomfort.

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Local Anesthesia

Next, let's look at local anesthesia. As the name suggests, it is specific to the exact part of your mouth being treated. Injected directly into the treatment site, it numbs the area, but rest assured, it won't affect your consciousness

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Block Anesthetic

Then there's block or regional anesthesia. This type is related to local anesthesia but covers a wider section. You could think of it as a method to numb an entire 'region' of your mouth rather than a single spot.

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General Anethesia

Lastly, we discuss general anesthesia. This type is suitable for extensive or time-consuming dental surgeries. General anesthesia makes the patient entirely unaware by inducing a deep sleep. It can be delivered through inhalation or intravenous injection.

The four types of dental anesthesia are designed to ensure that your next dental visit is as smooth and painless as possible. You can now walk into your dentist's office armed with knowledge and bid goodbye to any dental apprehension!

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What is the difference between general anesthesia and sedation

The difference between general anesthesia and sedation is primarily determined by the level of consciousness and control a patient retains during medical procedures. With general anesthesia, the patient is induced into a state of controlled unconsciousness using anesthetic drugs. This is typically used for major surgeries or procedures that could cause significant discomfort. On the other hand, sedation, which is also referred to as monitored anesthesia care (MAC), twilight sleep, or conscious sedation, involves using a sedative to keep the patient awake but relaxed during minor surgeries or procedures that do not induce much pain. Both types of anesthesia have specific applications in the medical field and are utilized based on the requirements of the procedure and the patient's condition. Both types should only be administered by qualified healthcare professionals.

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The Dentist's Role

Your dentist is indeed at the epicenter of it all, armed with the knowledge and expertise to competently apply dental sedation. At Glenn Smile Center, our sedation dentist upholds the most exacting standards of certification, continuously enhancing their skills with up-to-date education in sedation techniques. Their robust expertise, paired with a wealth of experience, enables them to work intimately with patients exhibiting diverse levels of trepidation, or undergoing an array of dental procedures. Every patient is meticulously evaluated based on their condition, medical history, possible drug interactions, allergies, and emotional state. Only after careful consideration is the optimal sedation method chosen.

Preparing for Dental Anesthesia


The prospect of undergoing anesthesia can sometimes spark anxiety. However, knowing what to expect can facilitate a more relaxed experience. Be sure to go over any concerns and discuss the anesthesia process with your dentist well in advance. Arriving prepared by avoiding alcohol and tobacco products on the day of your procedure can also help.

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Post Anesthesia Care:
Recover with Confidence


Ensuring superior post-anesthesia care is just as vital as the procedure itself. Your dentist will guide you on the duration to abstain from eating and drinking, recommend activities to steer clear of, and inform you about potential side effects. It's crucial to understand that recovery from anesthesia is a gradual process; allow your body adequate time to heal. While it's understandable to feel apprehensive about dental anesthesia, being well-informed can be your strongest weapon against fear. Acquainting yourself with the process and placing your trust in professional hands will allow you to undergo your dental procedures effortlessly.

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A man feeling grateful for dental sedation provided by Glenn Smile Center's service.

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At Glenn Smile Center, we prioritize your comfort above all else. Backed by our extensive understanding of dental sedation and anesthesia, we go to great lengths to ensure your procedures are executed with minimal discomfort. Trust that in our capable hands, your well-being is our foremost concern.


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