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A content Dentistry patient receives top-notch dental care at Glenn Smile Center, reflecting their commitment to oral health excellence.

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Glenn Smile Center is an American dental practice located in Aurora, Colorado, providing professional dental care. This premiere Aurora dentist location serves the entire Denver metropolitan area, and Glenn Smile Center's expert staff is focused on providing Arapahoe County's cherished patients with the best oral care. If you are searching for reliable, professional dental care, you have arrived at Glenn Smile Center. This Family Dental Practice was founded by Dr. Gerald Glenn (DDS) and Dr. Falona Glenn (DDS) in 1999.

Beautiful Smiles That Last


Selecting an optimal dentist is crucial for ensuring the health and longevity of your smile. Glenn Smile Center introduces you to a professional team with extensive experience delivering superior dental services. Their commitment extends to providing exceptional dental care for individuals of all ages, ranging from routine check-ups to aesthetic dental treatments aimed at enhancing the appearance of your smile.

A Dentist patient's happiness at Glenn Smile Center Dentistry underlines the emphasis on superior patient care and Dentistryl health.

Offering Comprehensive Dental Solutions for Every Smile


Our facility offers a wide range of dental services meticulously tailored to meet each patient's specific needs. With our team, you can rest assured that your oral health is managed by experts, whether your visit is for a standard check-up or involves more intricate dental work. Our dental practice marries the use of state-of-the-art dental technologies with a personalized approach to care, solidifying our position as your preferred provider of dental services.

A cheerful customer of Glenn Smile Center shares their joy for the exceptional Dentist care they have received.

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Glenn Smile Center is Honored To Serve You!



Dental Expertise from the Dentist Aurora Co trusts the most for Your Oral Health


Uncover the unique qualities that distinguish Glenn Smile Center Dentistry. We provide an extensive selection of dental services, including pediatric dentistry for your child’s inaugural visit and cosmetic treatments to enhance your smile. Leveraging advanced dental technology, we ensure the highest standard of care. Furthermore, recognizing the financial considerations associated with dental care, we present cost-effective solutions alongside flexible payment schemes, accommodating a broad range of dental insurance policies.

Glenn Smile Center's Dentistry anatomical diagrams of wisdom tooth extraction enhance patient comprehension of dental health, an integral part of their philosophy of providing comprehensive dentist care.

wisdom tooth extraction

Welcome to your friendly neighborhood dentist in Aurora, Colorado, where excellence in wisdom tooth removal awaits you. Our professional team provides a comforting experience, making your dental health our top priority.

Glenn Smile Center's anatomical Dentistry diagrams of dental implants enhance patient comprehension of dental health, an integral part of their philosophy of providing comprehensive dental care.

dental implant sevices

We offer permanent solutions with affordable dental implants if missing teeth are a concern. These high-quality replacements are designed to enhance your smile effortlessly. Reach out to discover how we can transform your smile today..

Explore the intricate structure of a root canal thanks to Glenn Smile Center's Dentistry educational visuals, a testament to their comprehensive dental care approach.

root canal treatment

Experiencing a toothache may signal the need for a root canal, but there’s no need to worry. Our skilled dental team is ready to guide you through the process with care and expertise, ensuring your comfort every step of the way.

A thorough look at dental crown at Glenn Smile Center Dentistry showcases their dedication to patient education within the realm of comprehensive dental care.

dental crowns

Specializing in durable, aesthetically pleasing dental crowns, we're committed to creating beautiful and long-lasting smiles. Don’t hesitate to discover how we can help you achieve a smile that lasts a lifetime.

Make Your Dental Health
A Family Affair


Beyond our specialized services, we take pride in catering to your entire family’s dental needs, encompassing preventative and restorative services. Our broad expertise in various dental disciplines ensures comprehensive care tailored to your unique needs. As dependable dental professionals, we place your comfort and oral health at the forefront, employing advanced techniques and materials to achieve the best possible outcomes.

At Glenn Smile Center Dentistry, we are not just about providing dentist services; we are about building lasting relationships based on trust, care, and excellence in dentistry. Committing to maintaining healthy, radiant smiles, our team is eager to deliver outstanding results and ensure that every visit to our clinic leaves you feeling confident and cared for. Let us participate in your journey to a healthier, more beautiful smile.

Family joy is the mission at Glenn Smile Center, a nexus of quality family Dentist care, where every smile reflects the center’s commitment to Dentistry excellence.
Satisfied patients commend the top-notch dental care received at Glenn Smile Center, showcasing the center's pledge to affordable dentist care.
The bright smile of a child echoes the outstanding Dentist health services provided by Glenn Smile Center's caring team, illustrating the impact of affordable family dental care.
Smiling children are proof of Glenn Smile Center's Dentist dedication to providing positive dental experiences, embodying the essence of quality family dental care.

We've designed our dentistry treatments to effortlessly improve your oral care, providing clear and compassionate patient care every step of the way.


Our advanced technology enables us to provide a detailed view of your teeth, allowing us to identify any issues before they become significant. This approach ensures that we can swiftly address small problems and utilize tools designed to spot early signs of potential concerns. This proactive method not only keeps your dental health on track but also contributes to your overall well-being.

general dentistry

Our clinic provides comprehensive general dentistry services to protect and enhance your oral health throughout every stage of life. Whether you need routine cleanings, exams, or complex restorative treatments, our dedicated team ensures your smile stays healthy and beautiful.

Another satisfied female patient at Glenn Smile Center celebrates his superior dental outcomes, thanks to the clinic's status as a top Dentist care provider.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings play a crucial role in restoring teeth that have been compromised by cavities or decay. We use only the finest materials to fill and rebuild your teeth, prioritizing a natural look and durability. This approach restores your teeth aesthetically and offers lasting protection against further decay.

Adults beam with joy post-exam, a clear indicator of the clean, healthy smiles promoted by Glenn Smile Center's comprehensive Dentist care.

dental bridges

If you're missing one or more teeth, our custom-made dental bridges can help. Designed to anchor securely to adjacent teeth, our bridges blend smoothly with your existing teeth while restoring your ability to chew and speak effectively. This solution improves your dental function and elevates your smile’s appearance.

Content with excellent dental Dentist services, a man exudes gratitude toward Glenn Smile Center, a hub for top dental care.

teeth whitening

Brighten your smile with our professional teeth whitening services. We use safe, effective techniques to eliminate stains and discoloration, delivering noticeable improvements. Our treatments ensure a radiant, more beautiful smile, perfect for special occasions or a confidence boost.

A customer reveals a flawless smile achieved through comprehensive Dentist care at Glenn Smile Center Dentistry, the result of the clinic’s family dental care approach.

Experience Tailored Dentistry by Dentists Focused on You

Our Aurora, CO, dental practice addresses every aspect of dentistry, from simple check-ups to complex cosmetic procedures. Our objective is to alter how you perceive dentist visits, making them a positive experience. Equipped with the latest technology and a comprehensive understanding of your treatment options, we’re devoted to maintaining your dental health at its best.

Here, you are much more than just a dentist appointment on our calendar; you are an essential member of our dental family. We dedicate time to fully grasp your dental needs, engage in meaningful discussions about the best care practices, and tailor your ideal treatment plans. By actively listening to your concerns, we ensure that every visit leaves you confident and informed about your dental wellness.

Family-Friendly Dentist Services for Everyone: Your Dental Health Matters


Glenn Smile Center is a family favorite because we understand your dentistry needs. From young children to seniors, we provide care tailored to every life stage. We emphasize the importance of early dental habits and regular dentist check-ups. Our approach for children is fun and stress-free, making dental care educational. For adults, it's all about maintaining oral health and achieving the smile of your dreams.


Our joy is crafting stunning smiles with innovative dental procedures and impeccable patient care



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  • Glenn Smile Center Dentistry exemplifies cutting-edge dental technology, ensuring patients always receive the best dental care.

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  • A woman's heartfelt praise for Glenn Smile Center's services reflects their lasting impact on her wellbeing and self-assurance, a promise of their family dentist care commitment.

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  • The commitment of Glenn Smile Center Dentist to promoting prime dental health among young adults is evident in their glowing smiles and confidence, a reflection of top dental care.

    At Our Dentistry Clinic, Friendly Dentists Make Dental Care Easy and Affordable

    In an era where the cost of dentistry healthcare can be daunting, Glenn Smile Center is committed to easing these financial burdens. We actively support our patients in navigating their insurance plans, helping them to make the most of their benefits. This initiative allows our patients to receive both routine and advanced dental treatments without the worry of high costs.

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    Easy Dentist's Appointment Scheduling at Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentist

    We acknowledge your busy lifestyle and make scheduling effortless. Whether you need an early appointment or one during your lunch break, we accommodate your needs, ensuring visits to the dentist fit seamlessly into your life.

    Our dentist's office is open Monday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We take Friday through Sunday to rest, ensuring we are at our best to provide great care every week.

    Glenn Smile Center insurance

    Let Our Friendly Dentist Staff Help You Navigate Your Dental Insurance

    Helping patients navigate their dental insurance is a priority at Glenn Smile Center. Insurance can be complex, so we strive to simplify it:

    - We communicate with insurance providers on your behalf for smooth processing.

    - We aim to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, making dental care more accessible.

    - We educate you on maximizing your insurance plan to cover as much dental work as possible.

    satisfied patient glenn smile center

    We're Excited to Welcome New Patients to Our Dentist Family!

    Glenn Smile Center loves to meet new people and make them feel at home. They make sure joining their dental family is easy peasy by:

    1. Talking Things Through: Every new dentist patient gets a detailed chat about their dental past and what they need.
    2. Flexible Scheduling: We diligently work to book appointments that accommodate your busy schedule.
    3. Community Focus: Being an integral part of our community is important to us; we want every new dentist patient to experience this.

    Experience Stress-Free Dentistry That’s Both Easy and Affordable

    We recognize the importance of budget-friendly options and provide top-notch dental care at reasonable prices. Our clear pricing and a variety of payment choices, which include acceptance of most dental insurance plans, are tailored to assist you in managing your expenses efficiently. At Glenn Smile Center, maintaining your dental health is our foremost concern. We are dedicated to working hand in hand with you to ensure your smile stays bright and healthy.

    Friendly 5-Star Rated Dentistry Service


    Glenn Smile Center is your solution for Friendly 5-star rated Dental Services.

    For over two decades, Glenn Smile Center has dedicated itself to delivering dental excellence that is renowned throughout our community. We pride ourselves on incorporating the latest advancements in dental technology and offering outstanding customer service. Our commitment is to treat each patient like family, ensuring they receive the highest standard of care.

    Our patients consistently praise the care they receive at Glenn Smile Center. They are particularly thankful for our warm, supportive staff, who assist with the complexities of insurance paperwork. The inviting atmosphere at our clinic makes visits to the dentist enjoyable rather than intimidating. Furthermore, our clear communication regarding payment options significantly eases the financial aspects of dental care.

    At Glenn Smile Center, we are eager to show you how we make dental health care effective, affordable, and pleasant. Join our family, and let us care for your smile with the compassion and excellence you deserve.

    Local Dental Health Care at Its Finest


    Glenn Smile Center serves the Denver Metropolitan area and is crucial in keeping our community smiling. We provide family-oriented care, educating children and adults about oral hygiene to prevent future issues. Our commitment and state-of-the-art dentist technology make dental visits important for your health and a positive experience

    Happy faces abound after thorough and caring dental check-ups at Glenn Smile Center Dentists, thanks to the center's dedication to affordable dental care.
    The glow of good oral health reflects a woman's satisfaction with Glenn Smile Center’s dentistry.

    Call Us For a Smile Evaluation Today

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    Glenn Smile Center Dentistry is located in the heart of Aurora, Colorado. We take pride in serving the Denver Metro area and all of Denver County. Our dental office is at 2675 S Abilene St Ste 135, Aurora, CO 80014. We are currently accepting new patients, and you can schedule an appointment by calling (303) 751-6916.

    Glenn Smile Center's Dentist’s expertise ensures young adults proudly show off their perfect smiles, thanks to the center's dedication to providing the best dental care.
    A woman's joy after receiving Dentist services at Glenn Smile Center reflects the clinic's superior care, and its reputation for top dental care.
    Adult confidence post-exam at Glenn Smile Center is a sign of the Dentist clinic's detailed and compassionate Dentist services, proving their standing in offering the best dental care.
    A client's satisfaction at Glenn Smile Center Dentist reflects the clinic's dedication to standout Dentist care.



    skilled dentistry professional provides exceptional treatment at Glenn Smile Center, ensuring patients receive only the top dental care.

    Glenn Smile Center 411


    Dentistry is a specialized branch of medicine that focuses on addressing oral health issues. Its primary goals include identifying, treating, and preventing problems related to teeth, gums, and their supportive structures. By employing a variety of techniques and tools, dentists work to resolve dental concerns and improve overall well-being. As accomplished professionals, dentists use their knowledge and expertise to cultivate healthier smiles, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of life for their patients.


    Comprehensive Dental Care is an all-encompassing approach that involves more than just addressing specific issues. It integrates preventative care, which includes routine check-ups and cleaning, dental X-rays, periodontal treatments; restorative treatments, such as fixing crowns and bridges, dental implants; and even cosmetic enhancements. Furthermore, Comprehensive Dental Care also involves education about lifelong oral hygiene, diet, and other lifestyle habits affecting oral health. It is a proactive approach to oral health instead of simply being reactive, ensuring an individual's oral health is taken care of at all levels.

    Dental assiatant Glenn smile center dentistry

    Together, We Achieve Healthier Smiles: A Closing Note from Your Community Dentist


    Choosing the right dentist is vital to maintaining optimal health. Our office is equipped with the most advanced dental technology, and we adhere strictly to the highest safety standards while ensuring a warm and inviting environment for all our visitors.

    The kindness and proficiency of our dental team are at the core of our services, providing individualized and effective dentistry care tailored to your needs. Building a lasting rapport with a reliable dental clinic like Glenn Smile Center is indispensable in maintaining a dazzling smile and robust dental health for future years. We’re here to provide exceptional dentistry services designed specifically for you and your family. Leveraging advanced dentist technology, personalized care, and dedication to affordability and ease, we strive to protect and enhance your beautiful smile. Let’s collaborate to optimize your dental health for the long term.

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